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Doggy Stuff


Favourite Pet Novel:

The Call of the Wild
 By: Jack London
 Even if you're not a dog lover, it's a great read.




Local Businesses:

Bones Barks N' Baths
2933 Richmond Road SW  Calgary, AB T3E 4N3
(403) 686-6596


 Back in the Pack
 2 great NW Calgary dog daycare locations, and the best dog portraits around.




Local Pet Organizations:

 DINO Rescue - Dogs in Need Organization
 Providing care and shelter until placement



Interesting Dog Related Maps:

Dog Population in Calgary Map
Note: Takes a while to load on older computers.
Check out the map.

Off-Leash Parks in Calgary Map
Click here to check it out.


More Dog Links:

How much does a pet cost annually?
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